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Cutting Outside Counsel Litigation Spend: Insourcing v. Outsourcing "aka" the Magic Behind E-Discovery Right-Sourcing

Most in-house counsel agree that reducing overall outside counsel spend, particularly when it comes to litigation spend, is a laudable goal. While the underlying needs and high-stakes antes of this objective have admittedly increased following the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 and subsequent recession, foreclosures, and rarely seen historically high unemployment figures only recently finding relief, the need to reduce outside counsel litigation spend has always been present according to most, and, as such, is rather old news.   

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Got Your Head Up In the Clouds? Additional Concerns Over Cloud Computing

In her January 11, 2010 post about Cloud Computing, Chris Meer exposed three important considerations when evaluating whether or not to manage critical e-discovery data in the Cloud:  1) the level and quality of your Cloud service provider’s Internet security model; 2) the ability to access your e-discovery data and documents on a 24/7 basis if needed; and 3) the subsequent finely crafted contractual and working relationship with your Cloud service provider that is absolutely required in order to facilitate that access.

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Beware of the Downsides of Offshore Outsourcing of Document Review

There has been an ongoing debate regarding outsourcing litigation support services to offshore countries such as India and Canada.  Years ago the debate centered around subjective and objective coding.  In recent years the term legal process outsourcing (LPO) has been an attractive subject in our industry. 

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