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BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] to Work Concerns

Introduction: Two Major Concerns

Being a seasoned litigation paralegal with approximately 27 years of experience, I foresee quite a few concerns with the concept of BYOD in the corporate and legal industry. As it seems to happen more times then I care to remember, technology is ahead of the curve and the solutions to “rein in” technology are lagging behind. Many of you may be too young to remember when the first sophisticated color copiers came out and there was a problem with checks being copied and pawned off as real. It only took the paper, ink and check manufacturing industries a few months to come up with the technology to work with the copier technology and develop the “copy” solution for checks. Once again there is a scramble to try to meet the solutions to the BYOD dilemma facing many industries today. 

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Got Your Head Up In the Clouds? Additional Concerns Over Cloud Computing

In her January 11, 2010 post about Cloud Computing, Chris Meer exposed three important considerations when evaluating whether or not to manage critical e-discovery data in the Cloud:  1) the level and quality of your Cloud service provider’s Internet security model; 2) the ability to access your e-discovery data and documents on a 24/7 basis if needed; and 3) the subsequent finely crafted contractual and working relationship with your Cloud service provider that is absolutely required in order to facilitate that access.

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