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Proportionality in E-Discovery: Tools for Efficiency and Cost Reduction

In our increasingly technological society, parties are encountering a greater demand for electronically stored information (“ESI”) in litigation. This demand has led to the adoption of a concept called proportionality. Proportionality evaluates the costs and benefits of e-discovery, to determine if discovery production is warranted.

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KMK’s April 2015 E-Discovery Round-up

Hi E-Discovery enthusiasts! Welcome to KMK’s April 2015 E-Discovery round-up.

This month we take a look at an Irish courts ruling on TAR that relies on some US court’s precedent, get caught up on The Sedona Conference’s latest project published for public comment and highlight an E-Discovery thought leader who popped up on various nationally broadcast programs. So, let’s dive in, shall we? 

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September 2014 E-Discovery Round-Up

Hello E-Discovery enthusiasts and welcome to KMK’s September E-Discovery round up.  This month we take a closer look at a recent U.S. Tax Court ruling approving predictive coding, salivate as the FRCP Amendments are approved by the U.S. Judicial Conference and update you on some upcoming screenings of Joe Looby’s acclaimed documentary, “The Decade of Discovery” – so let’s get started, shall we? 

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Richard G. Braman

This month has seen some extraordinary developments.  Probably the most noteworthy of which is the passing of Richard Braman, Founder and Executive Director Emeritus of The Sedona Conference.  And, although I never met him personally, his vision, leadership and influence on the world of e-Discovery have blazed an e-Discovery trail and served as a beacon of light for many of us in this industry, and as such, I am forever grateful.  If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Braman, a beautiful tribute to his life and work can be found on The Sedona Conference website.

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The Cooperation Proclamation: Way of the Future or Ideal Never to Pass?

When the Sedona Conference issued its Cooperation Proclamation in 2008, the concept was simple: collaborate with the adverse party to make the electronic discovery process transparent, effective, and efficient.  Work together to reduce costs.  Cooperate to fulfill the true spirit and intent of the rules.  But is this possible? 

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